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  • What is the goal of Miles for Smiles? and this special mission?
    Akim-Jerusalem seeks to raise money in order to enhance the quality of life of its clients As you know, we were compelled to 'halt' our traditional trek in November because of the outbreak of hostilities. Operation Iron Swords has taken a tremendous toll on our entire nation. Our Spring Mission is a meaningful gesture of renewed hope . 7 October has also had a very significant impact on our residents.Their routines have been upset and they have been emotionally affected by the loss and grief that permeates our entire community .To alleviate the impact of the war and to promote residents' health and well-being we are adding more physical, occupational, and art therapy sessions to the daily schedules. Even during more normal times we aim to provide so much more than the minimum subsidized by health plans and government grants. To meet these greater needs during a period of such intense stress and war, generosity and financial support are all the more vital.
  • How much does it cost?
    The registration cost for our mission is NIS 750, a subsidized rate which includes accommodations, meals, and transportation, t- shirts and hats). The cost for registering a child is NIS 650. After you register, you will receive a link to a sponsorship page on JGIVE.
  • How do I go about fundraising?
    We recommend turning to everyone you know. Use social media. Start by contacting friends, family, and personal connections. They usually respond positively to requests for donations ONCE YOU TELL THEM ABOUT THE SERIOUS EFFORT YOU ARE MAKING AND THE WONDERFUL WORK OF AKIM-JERUSALEM.
  • How much am I asked to raise ?
    Usually we encourage trekkers to attain through sponso For the rship and other means fixed monetary targets. The aim is to raise NIS 5,000 per participant . Each and every gift on our Spring Mission will be meaningful
  • What is the goal of Miles for Smiles?
    The goal is to raise money to benefit the clients of Akim-Jerusalem, enhance their quality of life and facilitate their inclusion in the wider community.
  • If as a sponsor I'm not interested in donating through the internet are there other ways to give?
    There are many ways to give. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through the CONTACT page for additional information.
  • Are the donations tax deductible?
    If you donate through the website you will receive an immediate electronic receipt recognized for tax purposes.
  • Why is it important for us to know who you are sponsoring?
    We would like to emphasize the importance of specifying the trekker’s name when you donate. By doing so you will enable us to work efficiently and to update the trekker on progress in reaching their target. Please remember to do so!
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